New Cooking Expierience

The Camp Champ Mobile Kitchen

We transform cooking under the free sky into an whole new experience for all of your senses. Through the Camp Champ kitchen we create your area of freedom and peace in mind to prepare fresh food whereever you go, whenever you need to. Whether for garden, campervan, desert rally or overland world trip use – Camp Champ never lets you down.

A Handy Piece of Freedom - The Portable Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking in the great outdoors: Camp Champ is a premium, high-performance outdoor kitchen which can easily be folded together and taken anywhere. A comprehensive cooking unit, the Camp Champ kitchen allows for free movement while cooking, without missing out on the view. This extraordinary piece of kitchen equipment epitomizes the true nature of cooking as a central point of communication, mutual culinary endeavor and appreciation. Camp Champ transcends traditional outdoor cooking perceptions, may your inspiration guide you.

Equipped for the Always and Everywhere - The Universal Travel Kitchen

As campervan and truck kitchen or as a stand-alone kitchen unit: Camp Champ is an exceptional kitchen, deploy able both inside and outside of your vehicle and portable enough to be carried the last meters to the best spot on the beach for some serious cooking. With a few easy steps, the kitchen converts into a compact box to ensure safe and straightforward transportation. Mobil camping deluxe.

Adventure Ready - The Sturdy Field Kitchen

Camp Champ is weather proof, the stove is next to impervious wind, rain, cold and extreme altitude. When packed, the contents mutually interlock and the robust stand acts as a protective shell for the inner case to allow for maximum trail strength. Wherever your next expedition takes you, Camp Champ will follow.

A Legacy of Luxury - The Portable Heritage Kitchen

Camp Champ envelopes not only functionality but also beauty. Whether a cooking unit is required for a celebrity chef meet of the Rolls Royce pick nick event featuring your personal gourmet cook, Camp Champ is the tasteful and reliable choice.

As Individual As You Are - The Flexible Outdoor Kitchen System

Camp Champ is an extremely robust kitchen and features multi-tier applicability, key for ensuring optimum adaptation needs: Cooking on or under the tailgate, as an independent arbiter, inside or outside your vehicle, on the move to far off places, photo safari or family vacations, in the garden, roof terrace of loft, whatever the occasion.

Borderless Cooking Pleasure - The Efficient Catering Station

Thanks to the functional design, the materials used and the professional equipment, the Camp Champ kitchen is the perfect for an Show kitchen, catering station or crux of cooking programs.


Then and now: Camp Champ´s exterior is best understood as a tribute to the campaign expedition and travel furniture of the “Golden Age Of Exploration ” with a modern touch and a wink.

Freshly cooked just tastes better: With it´s complete equipment of professional cooking gear and multifunctional elements Camp Champ enables you to cook in the great outdoors just as comfortable as in your home.

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Customers Reviews

For me, as the owner of a cooking school that produces instructional videos set in nature, Camp Champ is awesome. Swiftly set up, everything required included, equipment quality rivals that of a big commercial kitchen. With backing like that I can fully concentrate on the shoot.

Johann Bauer
Edelweiss Cooking School, Salzburg, Austria
Seen and bought - as simple as that. Camp Champ is thought through to the last detail and perfectly crafted. Our kitchen is constantly in use and it gives us a lot of pleasure. For our motorhome made of Swiss stone pine the ideal auxiliary kitchen.

Christian Schatz
Schatzmeister 4x4, Tyrol, Austria
With over two years of experience, sometimes under difficult expedition conditions, I can say with conviction that I would never want to be without the Camp Champ again. Workmanship and equipment are ideal for the overland kitchen as well as for sophisticated outdoor catering.

Mike Brailey
Publisher of the Overland Journal Europe, Germany
Our super Camp Champ kitchen easily caters for 11 people on the road and defies storm, cold, rain and hail.Especially the latter was extensively tested while we were in Iceland...

Pete Ruppert
Photo designer, Germany
Small but great and super flexible: Exclusive cooking with the guests as a private chef or preparing400 eggs in one go as a caterer or cooking goulash for 100. With over two years of experience, sometimes under difficult expedition conditions, I can say with conviction that I would never wnat to be without the Camp Champ again. Workmanship and equipment are ideal for the overland kitchen as well as for sophisticated outdoor catering.

Sascha Zellinger
Inhaber Cuisine-Lifestyle, Velden, Austria
Camp Champ is truly unique because you can take it with you wherever you go. Take a nice kitchen like this and be mobile. It's great!

Bjarni Gunnar Kristinsson
Cheff de cuisine in Hörpudiskur, Iceland
Quadratical, practical, good. Cooking on the go is so much fun with Camp Champ. Our kitchen aligns perfectly with the everyday routine during our trips.

Hauke, Ragnhild & Arn
Adventurer and owner of Max Hunt, Sweden
We love our Camp Champ outdoor kitchen! Today we are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving and cooking our big Thanksgiving dinner at our Camp Champ in style.

Family Van Stralen
Epicfamilyroadtrip, Canada