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The Campaign Furniture Style Travel Kitchen System Champion

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What´s a Camp Champ?

The Challenge

The long search for the perfect outdoor kitchen furniture for home & travel use

Are you looking for a reliable, flexible and portable cooking solution for your outdoor and travel needs, which meets your very high standards of cooking equipment, aesthetics, functionality and workmanship? The camping stores didn´t stock a suitable solution for you and your larger outdoor kitchen can nor be folded down to a portable cube and just taken with you?
The Solution

Campaign Furniture Style Travel

The camp in our name is short for Campaign Furniture (Old English Travel Furniture for the demanding expedition needs of the “Golden Age of Exploration”). This was our mindset when designing Camp Champ. So expect our pages to feature exceptional kitchen furniture with functional features, functional design and durable utility, and imagine the bygone days of great discoveries, safari camps and base camps for daring adventurers in the most remote parts of the world. Think about what kind of travel kitchen Phileas Fogg or Allan Quatermain might have sourced.
Reduction to the essentials

Less Is More - No Nonsense

Camp Champ understands itself as a central element of a modular cooking equipment set for outdoor, traveling and professional use. Our cubist kitchen module does not include a refrigerator, sink, or inflatable butler. Camp Champ is both an impressive, fully equipped “toolbox” for cooking professionals and a collapsible outdoor kitchen cabinet with a hard wearing work surface that serves as a stable and functional base for your culinary creations.

The Equipment

Cooking at a high level

The Challenge

Insufficient equipment

You know that for sure: it’s a nuisance to have to deal with inadequate equipment while cooking. The knives are not sharp, the stove needs forever to boil water forever, the pots only have room for one dumpling, the meat is cooked rather than seared, the kitchen utensils you are used to at home are not with or just can not to be found and everyone is already hungry.
The Solution

An extensive complete package of gastronomy grade tools

In for a penny, in for a pound: cooking may give pleasure – with the right equipment it does for sure and is easy by the hand: Around the 4-flame expedition cooker, we have put together a carefully matched, first-class range of cooking equipment, which is second to none. Including spice jars and beautiful tableware for six people.

The Real Deal

The stove has four easily adjustable burners and works with medium pressure. These can be hooked out in pairs for cleaning. The imposing device produces a heating capacity at the level of a gas barbecue grill. Therefore, please be careful and thoughtful when handling.

You can't have enough space

With the Camp Champ kitchen block you have plenty of it. The material of the main worktop is insensitive, durable and even easy to sterilize for catering applications. Each carcass item is sealed with tough and food-safe varnish.


For the barbecue lovers

Our large grill pan covers two burners and thus half of the cooker, to have more than enough power for searing. The coated pan is made of cast aluminum, the bottom has been machined to be absolutely flat. In search of a pan that can cope with the lavish performance of the cooker, we made our find in Switzerland.

Storing The Equipment

Order, overview and ready to hand

The Challenge

Throw-in compartments and messy boxes

Who does not know them, the utensil boxes, in which all material flies around or seemingly practical drawer systems with only loosely inserted parts? At the end of a journey, you only use those parts that are at the top of the pile because you can not find the rest when you need it anyway. The shaking on tour causes bits and pieces to break, not to mention the effect on condition of the knife blades edges …
The Solution

The Camp Champ organizing system for the traveling kitchen

When you pack Camp Champ, every item is placed into to its designated room and is held there by tricky mechanisms so that the items do not break and you can easily find them at anytime. The kitchen forces order. Once you get used to the positioning system, you can cook very efficiently with easy handling. Searching is omitted.
Thoughtful Details

Knife block & kitchen helper bar

The built-in knife block can be angled for easy access and safely holds the cooking knives made of hard wearing Friodur steel. Behind them we placed the kitchen helpers on specially shaped S-hooks, which reliably prevent a loosening of the utensils even on rough trails. Simply press with your finger on the end of the hook when removing to get out a utensil.

Nice to look at with good cutting properties

The non-slip stainless steel cutlery from a factory in Solingen, Germany is specially fixed in its holder. Each item rests in two rubber bearing to reduce stress on the stainless steel and noise from rattling.

Pots & Plates

The eighteen plates and the compact pots and pans set are held in position by a rupper cord with one pull & push per stack.
Locked in place

Pice rack

The well-stocked spice rack is locked in place when packing so that the glasses are not able not move.
Separation of waste


The Camp Champ kitchen has two separate garbage bag holders, which can also be used as a tea towel rack or cookbook stand.

Packed Size

Small but poweful

The Challenge

What should you take with you?

They are really passionate about cooking, but you only have the time and the opportunity to carry out your hobby on travels. You would like to take along a whole cooking island and all the good cooking equipment that you have invested in, but how that be possible?

The Solution

A kitchen in the box

By chance we are experts here. That’s the pack size. Whole kitchen. Complete equipment. Everything at its finest.

Solid cube

The pedestal, on which the kitchen block stands, serves as a sturdy transport cover when packed. The two parts are connected with strong closures. That lasts.

The mobile kitchen

By means of the two massive spring handles, the kitchen box can be easily be lifted by two people.

Ergonomics & Efficiency

Painless cooking

The Challenge

Cooking on the ground or at half height?

Do you already have back problems in normal kitchens because of the low working height and the idea of sitting on the ground or cooking on makeshift kitchens at half height is not particularly appealing to you?
The Solution

Variable working height depending on usage

As island, the compact kitchen Camp Champ offers a comfortable working height. Add the cooker on top to increase the pot and pan further more. If that’s too high, just place the cooker on a small side table, and as a side effect you’ll have even more work space available. If used Camp Champ as a rear kitchen in your van or truck, you cook on top, on your Pick Up right in front of the kitchen box on the tailgate. Configure your Camp Champ outdoor kitchen furniture according to your needs, it’s easy as that.
Easy handling

A whole kitchen right at hand

Standing in front of your Camp Champ outdoor kitchen block, you have quick access to each part of the equipment. This makes cooking on the go even more efficient than at home.

Odor, fumes and mold in the vehicle

Eat & Sleep in a small space?

The Challenge

Not every ingredient smells as good before cooking as it tastes afterwards.

You like to cook with seafood, game, fish, onion and garlic, but are having difficulties bringing the odor out of your vehicle for a long time? Steamed-up windows from cooking spaghetties? Splashes in the half RV from stearing steak? It smells, it is steaming, it is difficult to clean, you have a sensitive nose and you can’t sleep with a fishy odor? Does it have to be that way?
The Solution

For sure not - just cook outside of your vehicle!

With Camp Champ, the selfsupporting cooking island.

More space, more power, more fun and on top of that, the beautiful piece is easy to clean.


Die Küche, die sich anpasst

The Challenge

You are looking for an outdoor kitchen for all purposes

You own a garden, terrace or balcony, a cabin in the woods or a lakefront area and in addition to your expedition truck or large RV a station wagon, van or pickup and are now looking for a kitchen that can be used everywhere, without having to drill mounting holes in your the fleet and that is small enough to be carried around?
The Solution

Camp Champ - The convertible kitchen

As self supporting kitchen, Camp Champ is as an outside kitchen for larger RV´s and overlanding trucks. With a side table, you can also place the cooker aside to set the working height to your preference

The campervan kitchen

In your van the Camp Champ kitchen can be placed crossways in the trunk without its stand. This you can cook in your tailgate, standing free with room to move in front of an impressive kitchenette. A new way of mobile camping.
Pick Up Truck

The tailgaiting kitchen

Using Camp Champ with your pick up truck, you simply cook in front of the kitchen on top of the tailgate. Please check the material of the gate, maybe you need to add a protective layer underneath the stove. Proper mobile cooking on the fly with Camp Champ, the tailgater kitchenette.

Everything But The Sink

Who takes care of the dishes?

The Challenge

Why does the Camp Champ kitchen have no sink?

The Camp Champ kitchen has just about everything, but I can not find a sink. How should one wash the dishes?
The solution

The good old dishwashing brush

In favor of the packed size, we did not include a sink, especially as the solution for washing up depends on the field of usage. We have had good experience with army water bags that we hung from roof rails, in conjunction with small dish washing brushes and folding basins. For larger ventures we used two plastic tubs (washing and rinsing water). For Catering area it’s all about hygiene, here you need are portable hand hygiene systems with foot, 12V or 230 V pumps. Please only use biodegradable soap in the outdoors area. For example based on vegetable oil.
Ein Zugeständnis an die Moderne

Maschinelle Unterstützung

Haben Sie in Ihrem Fahrzeug einen Geschirrspüler eingebaut oder nutzen die Camp Champ Küche rund um Haus & Hof, können Sie die ganze Bestückung inkl. Schneidbrett darin reinigen. Für die Kochmesser empfehlen wir dennoch zugunsten bleibender Schärfe die manuelle Reinigung mit milder Seife. Für detailierte Hilfestellungen zur optimalen Pflege der verwendeten Materialen empfehlen wir die Lektüre der entsprechenden Kapitel im Handbuch der Küche