Gaskocher - 4 Brenner

720,00 inkl. Mwst / Nicht-EU 720,00

Vier Brenner für richtiges Outdoor-Kochen ohne Kompromisse.

A decent outdoor cooker, as it should be: The usable area is as big as that your home stove. The lush heating power enables you to sear instead of just stewing everything and falling asleep while boiling water.

Although this exquisite working tool looks almost martial caused by its designed for extreme use, the flame can be extremely precisely and finely regulated, so that the risotto is also easy to make. That´s why is this all-rounder the heart of the Camp Champ kitchen. Available here in different variants.

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Artikelnummer: CP-16/4 XPD Kategorie:


CP-16/4 XPD 4 Brennerofen

Leistung: Satte 16 kW

Arbeitsdruck: 1.9 bar

Maße geschlossen: 41 x 31 x 18 cm

Maße geöffnet: 41 x 62 x 9 cm

Hier handelt es sich um die EU-konforme Version des Cook Partner-Kochers mit verbessertem Regler und Flexschläuchen, die den CE-Normen entspricht.