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Dimensions & Figures

Dimensions open: ca. 49.2inch (1.25 m) x 21.5inch (ca. 55 cm) x 43.5 inch (ca. 110 cm)
Dimensions closed: ca. 26inch (ca. 66 cm) x 21.2inch (ca. 54 cm) x 22.5inch (ca. 57 cm)
Weight equipped: approx. 140 pounds (ca. 64 kilogram)
Weight empty: approx. 77 pounds (ca. 35 kilogram)
Operating temperature: – 20°C (-4 °F) to +50°C (122 °F)
Power propane / butane: 14/16 kW – 47.800/54.600 BTU
Gas type: I3 B / P
Gas appliance class: A


Dimensions package: 31.5inch (ca. 80 cm) x 23.5inch (ca. 60 cm) x 29inch (ca. 74 cm)
Weight ready for shipment: ca. 172pounds (ca. 78 kilogram)


Polyurethane clearcoat based on acrylate resin, tested according to

  • ÖNORM A 1605-12
  • ÖNORM A 3800-1
  • French Regulation DEVL1104875A


Duromer high pressure laminate (HPL) type HGS according to EN 438-3

PCA free

complies with the regulations according to:

  • Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004
  • Food and Feed Code
  • Regulation (EU) No 10/2011
  • Required items regulation


Rain and dust cover

Seat pad with washable cover

For cooking

4-burner gas cooker with 16 kW heating power

Stainless steel pots (24cm, 20cm, 16cm) and pan set (24cm) with sandwich bottom, steel core and removable handles

Grill pan cast aluminum with non-stick coating 43 x 28 cm

Knife set consisting of chef’s knife, bread knife, vegetable knife and office knife


kitchen shears

Kitchen helper set 6 pieces with steel core in the handle

Spice jar assortment 14 parts

Cutting board WPC

Stainless steel sieve

Percolator coffee maker


Salt and pepper mill

To eat (each for 6 people)

Cutlery set in the carrier (knives, forks, tablespoons, teaspoons)




Coffee cups and coffee dishes

drinking cup

Functional furniture made of wood

Waterproof marine grade plywood with three layers of tough yellowing-resistant PUR varnish is used for the body, providing maximum weather protection for the wooden components. However, the kitchen is nevertheless not intended to be permanently stored outside. The layered construction of the marine grade plywood creates typical properties: The edges and the front face of the wood are less stress-resistant than the top surface areas. Forceful impacts or rough handling may cause splinters to come off on the edges. This is not a material or manufacturing flaw. Preventative measures against splinters have been taken by rounding and sanding all edges. If a splinter should come off, it can be put back in place with superglue, lightly sanded and sealed with varnish. Note If the drawers are hard to move at any point, the sliding surface can be treated with soap to improve the gliding properties.


If the drawers are hard to move at any point, the sliding
surface can be treated with soap to improve the gliding

Adherence to due diligence in accordance with EU Trade Regulation (EUTR)

Upon commencement of the EU Wood Trade Regulation (VOEU) no. 995/2010 of the European Parliament on October 20, 2010), it is the responsibility of the market participant, who introduces wood or wood products to the market to apply due diligence with regard to the prevention of imports from illegal sources. The following text provides details concerning the due diligence: Clause 4: ” Obligations of the Market Participants”

Para. 1: “Bringing wood or wood products from illegal sources to market is prohibited.”

Para. 2: “The market participants apply the respective due diligence when they bring wood or wood products to market. For this purpose, they apply a regulation with procedures and measures (hereinafter referred to as “Due Diligence Regulation”, which is explained in greater detail in Art. 6.

Para. 3: “Each market participant keeps the due diligence regulation applied by him up-to-date and evaluates it regularly (…).”

The constant monitoring of the due diligence system of our wood suppliers is taken care of by German Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) in its role as the public-law instance, which stipulates a standardized due diligence for all participants.

We herewith confirm that all wood products sold by us are subject to this due diligence in accordance with the previously listed ordinance.


High quality polyurethane clear varnish on an acrylic resin base. Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, especially for heavily used surfaces, high filling capacity, good firing, excellent staining resistance.

Special properties in inspection standards:

  • Austrian STANDARD 1605-12 (furniture services)
    • Resistance against chemical reactions: 1-B1
    • Behavior in case of abrasion: 2-C (> 150 U)
    • Behavior in case of scratches: 4-D (> 1.0 N)
    • Ignition: 5-B (flame retardant furniture surface)
  • Austrian STANDARD A 3800-1 (behavior in fire) in conjunction with a flame retardant foundation:
  • Flame retardant (previously B 1 pursuant to B 3800 -1), Q1, Tr French Directive DEVL1104875A concerning the labeling of construction coating products with respect to their admission of volatile hazardous materials: A+

Areas of application

  • For lacquer coatings of heavily utilized surfaces for furniture and interior finishing, for steps, for hotel and school facilities, for kitchen and bathroom furniture: Areas of utilization II – IV pursuant to Austrian STANDARD A 1610-12.
  • For flame-resistant or flame retardant structures.
  • Suitable for the coding of services bleached with hydrogen peroxide.

The working surface

The work board is coated with thermoset high-pressure laminate (HPL) Type HGS pursuant to EN 438-3.

These panels feature high resistance against abrasion, impact and scratches as well as good heat resistance. For the most part, they are unaffected by customary household chemicals, have hygienic properties, are suitable to be in contact with food and are easy to clean.

The HPL is in compliance with the regulations of Directive (EU) no. 1935/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council on October 27, 2004 for materials and objects, that are intended to come in contact with food and for the annulment of Directive 80/590/EEC and 89/109/ EEC, Official Journal of the EC L 338/4 on 13 November 2004, amended by Appendix no. 5.17 of the Directive (EU) no. 596/2009 on 18 June 2009, Official Journal of the EC L 188 on 18 July 2009, art. 3, as well as German Food, Consumers Goods and Feed Act (German Food and Feed Act – LFGB), in the version as published on 3 June 2013 (BGBI. IS page 1426), which was amended by Article 4 para. 20 of the Act on 7 August 2013 (BGBl. p. 3154), para. 30 and 31, and are approved pursuant to the Directive (EU) no. 10/2011 of the European Commission on 14 January 2011 for materials and objects made of plastic, that are intended to come in contact with food, Official Journal of the EC L 12/1 on 15 January 2011, last amended and corrected by the Directive (EU) no. 1183/2012 of the Commission on 30 November 2012, Official Journal of the EC L 338/11 on 12 December 2012 as well as the Consumer Goods Ordinance in the version as published on 23 December 1997 (BGBl. 1998 IS. 5), which was amended by Article 1 on 24 June 2013 (BGBl. IS 1682), with regard to the migration pattern.

The board is PCA-free.

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