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Hauke Bruhn aka Max Hunt, is an adventurer and filmmaker who was raised in Denmark, lives with his family in Sweden and starts his projects from there. For cooking, he uses one of our Camp Champ kitchens in his flexible off-road van, which perfectly integrates into the family’s travel routine.

"Quadratical, practical, good. Cooking on the go is so much fun with Camp Champ. Our kitchen aligns perfectly with the everyday routine during our trips.." - Hauke Bruhn

Family Travel

As professional adventurers and filmmakers, Hauke & Ragnhild have often been on long-haul journeys. To adapt to their family planning (congratulations to child no. 2), they decide to use a larger vehicle on the next project with their son Arn.

Fexible Offroad Van

As base for their overland van, the family chose the new MAN TGE 4×4, which was converted by ICS Offroad. The vehicle had to remain as flexible as possible, so it should be a Camp Champ kitchen that is used for the daily cooking needs.

Clear recommendation

Well prepared, the first big adventure could begin soon afterwards. The trip took them to Iceland, and the team did a great job of documenting this family expedition. The resulting video films are a clear recommendation for Icelandic and Overland enthusiasts.


After the new travel furniture Camp Champ fully convinced in everyday life on Iceland, Hauke wanted to know whether the compact kitchen could inspire even a star chef. Together with Bjarni Gunnar Kristinsson, chef de cuisine in Hörpudiskur, the kitchen block was extensively tested. “Camp Champ is truly unique because you can take it anywhere. Take a nice kitchen like this and be mobile. That’s great! ” is Bjarni’s conclusion.

Cooking with a view

In this magnificent setting Bjarni conjured a mouthwatering culinary masterpiece for the eye and the palate. Everyone gathered around the cooking island, which quickly was turned into a rustic outdoor banquet table, and they ate, laughed and enjoyed the moment together. Cooking and eating in the open air at a high level.

Camp with cook

Of course you do not always have the chance, even if the possibility seems very appealing, to be served in the camp by a chef, but also for self-cooking, the Camp Champ adventure kitchen is ideal.

Through thick and thin

Then Iceland was extensively explored with the new family campervan. Thanks to the reliable base and the great conversion of ICS, there were no special occurrences – the impressive landscape could be enjoyed to the fullest by all.

Spacious MPV

With such an off-road space glider we would like to set out on our own tour, to make our way through an equally awesome landscape. We are curious to see where the next adventure Max Hunt will take.


Whether you are a chef yourself or have one with on your next trip, Camp Champ is the flexible companion when it comes to cooking outside.

Max Hunt testing Camp Champ

Feat. Bjarni Gunnar Kristinsson. A Video by Hauke Bruhn

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Tipps & Tricks:

For quick cooking,when Camp Champ is not used selfsupported, Hauke built a big double slideout table under Camp Champ used as a rear kitchen unit. The Camp Champ stand than is used as a seat. A very functional solution!

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