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Our Variety of Topics

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Unsere neue Website

Our website - there is a lot to discover

We have worked intensively on our new website, which we are finally able to introduce with joy and pride. Freshly cooked tastes best: Camp Champ makes it possible to cook as comfortably in the open air as it is at home, thanks to the first-class equipment and well-thought-out design.
Luxury, Heritage & Design

A Legacy Of Luxury

Time is priceless: The famous mobile field kitchen Camp Champ, a tribute to the “Golden Age of Exploration” invites you to take the time to cook properly and enjoy the result.
Vintage & Classic Car

For a brilliant appearance

Designed primarily for vehicle-based long-haul travel, Camp Champ, a tribute to old-English expedition travel furniture, meets the needs of past adventures such as First Overland, a journey from London to Singapore by land..
Catering & Showcooking

The portable Cateringstation

Thanks to the functional design, the materials used and the professional equipment, the Camp Champ kitchen is perfectly suited as a show kitchen, catering station or crux of cooking programs.
Film & Television

Mobile stage for your show

As a part of your equipment, the mobile cooking station Camp Champ can handle a lot of usage and takes up little space. From the front side, the Camp Champ makes a good visual impression, behind it’s comfortable to work with for the chef. The kitchen furniture works visually and of course in practical use in almost any environment and can help to relax your crew.
Offroad & Overlanding

Adventure Ready

Camp Champ is weatherproof, the stove is next to impervious to wind, rain, cold and extreme altitude. When packed, the contents mutually interlock and the robust stand acts as a protective shell for the inner case to allow for maximum trail strength. Wherever your next expedition takes you, Camp Champ will follow!
Off the Grid & On the Road

Proper cooking on the go

The Camp Champ kitchen is a stow able kitchen box that unfolds to a fully equipped cooking island when needed. Made for long-distance travel. Thanks to the good equipment, you can cook on the road like at home. Camp Champ also provides years of service due to the durable equipment and the massive structure.
Truck & Van

Camp Champ turns your everyday car into a campervan

Camp Champ is a fully pro grade kitchen module that can be used as both a rear end kitchen and a stand-alone cooking island. It is compact and mobile, so Camp Champ can be carried from your camper van to exactly where you want to cook.
Pick Up Truck & Tailgaiting

Turn your Pick Up Truck into a food truck

Pick up trucks are very versatile vehicles whose functional scope can be further extended by Camp Champ. The transformable Camp Champ outdoor kitchen also works perfectly as a tailgater kitchen.
Customer Adventures

A Journey Of A Lifetime

The Van Stralens, a family of five, have been living “Off The Grid” and “On The Road” for more than three years. Camp Champ is used s an outside kitchen for their RV and jeep Wrangler. The motto of the family? “Epic Family Road Trip”.
Customer Adventures

Offroad Van Adventures

Hauke Bruhn aka Max Hunt, is an adventurer and filmmaker who was raised in Denmark, lives with his family in Sweden and starts his projects from there. For cooking, he uses one of our Camp Champ kitchens in his flexible off-road van, which perfectly integrates into the family’s travel routine.
Customer Adventures

The Overlander

Nick Roberts, rally driver and avid Overlander does not do things by halves. After the impressive and expedition-ready conversion of his Land Rover, the very first tour lasted 6 months, 10,000 miles and led him through 22 US states. Onboard his Camp Champ kitchen for proper cooking off the grid.
Cuisine Lifestyle

Chef Sascha and his mobile kitchen

Cuisine Lifestyle Chef Sascha Zellinger from Velden on the beautiful Wörthersee lives the motto of his company: his Camp Champ kitchen accompanies him both professionally and privately. Whether used as a private chef, catering chef or show cook for video films, for cooking with friends and on vacation, Sascha is seldom seen without his Camp Champ.
Adventurous Iceland

Pete Ruppert's Offroad Adventure Tour