The Overlander

Nick Roberts, entrepreneur, real estate developer, rally driver and avid Overlander does not do things by halves. After the impressive and expedition-ready conversion of his Land Rover Sport, the very first tour lasted 6 months, 10,000 miles and led him through 22 US states. Onboard his Camp Champ kitchen for proper cooking off the grid.

"I have to admit I really love your product." - Nick Roberts

Rally Pro

Nick Roberts must have gas in his veins. Whether as a driver of his own rally team or on long-distance travels through his homeland, the USA: He is always accompanied by extraordinary vehicles that let him live out his passion for action sports. And for the culinary well-being, he added a Camp Champ kitchen to his set up, which supports his numerous activities.

Land Rover Touring

Nick Roberts is a perfectionist. This is especially evident in the face of his thoroughly thought-out and proven conversion of his Land Rover Sport to a compact expedition vehicle that does let him down quickly. As a professional driver, Nick had plenty of opportunities to test the strength of his over lander and rebuild it until the result was perfect.

Kitchen with a view

According to Nick, for the bottom picture “some rock crawling” was necessary in order to be able to set up a camp in Sequoia National Park with perfect all-round sight at a height of 2,600 meters. Here is his “kitchen with a view” on the Teton chain in the eponymous Grand Teton National Park south of the famous Yellowstone Park..

No Matter What

A day’s trip took Nick from Grand Canyon to Salt Lake City. 350 miles of rough trails including six river crossings, several fords and countless miles of wet mud could not stop the Range Rover. Only a car wash was needed at the end of the day to begin the next section.


With a relatively compact off road vehicle you are able to head out to impressive places like here in Moab, which are otherwise very difficult to approach. If the equipment, like our Camp Champ kitchen, packs small, you can store everything you need in your Overlander, despite the manageable dimensions, in order to be able to set up a comfortable camp.

Camp with a view

At the campsite everything is set up quickly and then the unobstructed view can be enjoed. True to our motto “Cooking WHATever you want – WHEREever you want.”


The Camp Champ kitchen is your always reliable companion.

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Nick Roberts, Rally Professionell

“I have to admit I really love your product.”
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