Cooking in the great outdoors: Camp Champ is a premium, high-performance outdoor kitchen which can easily be folded together and taken anywhere. A comprehensive cooking unit, the Camp Champ kitchen allows for free movement while cooking, without missing out on the view. This extraordinary piece of kitchen equipment epitomizes the true nature of cooking as a central point of communication, mutual culinary endeavor and appreciation. Camp Champ transcends traditional outdoor cooking perceptions, may your inspiration guide you.

Camp Champ is the new awesome portable outdoor kitchen for all occasions

Cooking whatever you want - whereever you want

Camp Champ is a full size, full-featured cooking island for your outdoor cooking needs that quickly and easily folds itself to a compact cube, including all the components inside, using sophisticated mechanisms to hold everything in place. Two persons can carry Camp Champ with ease. This makes this special outdoor kitchen both mobile and travel suitable. Wherever you feel like cooking you can now take your entire outdoor kitchen with you thanks to Camp Champ..

Fun while cooking & enjoying

Do you like cooking too? It is really fun but only with capable cooking tools and especially with a stove, that has enough power to handle real stewing instead of just warming up meat and not letting you down when boiling water for the noodles. The heart of the equipment of our outdoor kitchen therefore a sovereign expedition cooker. The rest of the equipment sourced from the professional field, so don’t have to miss anything when cooking under the free skies. For dining we added a nice set of tableware and excellent cutlery for six people.

Ergonomics thought to the end

The field kitchen Camp Champ is a free-standing cooking island, which keeps your entire cooking tool set neatly, clearly arranged and ready to be picked up quickly when opening the folding doors. You cook freestanding in a generously sized working height and do not have to bend over to get to the cooking utensils. Everything finds its place, time-consuming looking for parts is obsolete.

Cookout with friends

Because Camp Champ is an island for cooking, it invites you to share, cook and enjoy with your friends. The stove can be operated from all sides, space for one person per front end and two people on each side provide plenty of room to move freely and work together as a group of six people. Even the cooking muffles will find space in the front row to watch …

Cooking on the move

The inner part of the outdoor kitchen can also be used alone across the back of a truck or camper van to quickly conjure up an impressive cooking area. Turn your everyday drive into a camper van, without the need to upgrade your vehicle and to use tools…


The same applies to your pick up truck. Just with the difference that you do not cook on the field kitchen, but in front of it – right on the tailgate. Just pull the cube towards the tailgate, open it and get started right away. Camp Champ is weatherproofed. You just need to cover the kitchen cube with the resistant rain cover and transport it on your truck bed.


You like something more adventurous? No problem, the Camp kitchen was developed for demanding long-distance travel, safaris and long-term use. Whatever you are planning – Camp Champ is your perfect companion when it comes to cooking.

Offroad & Expeditions

The ingenious storage system inside the kitchen ensures that nothing gets messed up during transport. The stable pedestal acts as a protective cage for the packed trail kitchen, which can withstand harsh everyday use on demanding expeditions.


Do you also have a favorite place to relax? Set up your Camp Champ kitchen there, invite some friends to enjoy good food and the wonderful view together.

Above the clouds

The ongoing autumn fog beats you on the mood? No problem: pack your Camp Champ kitchen, drive up the next mountain above the fog line and enjoy a good breakfast and some sunshine. By the way: The reliable stove of the outdoor kitchen works with medium pressure and therefore has no problems with high altitude or cold.

Timelessly beautiful

Despite all the robustness, it must also be said that the Camp Champ field kitchen also looks very noble. It is made of waterproof marine plywood and has top layers of sapele wood. As a result, it fits seamlessly into almost any environment and is always a “talking piece”. Go hunting with your portable kitchen and then drive to Ascot for a picnic – the mobile Camp Champ kitchen bridges the gap between your different worlds of life.

Stationary kitchen for the garden

Camp Champ was conceived as a mobile kitchen, but works equally well as an excellent summer kitchen for the garden, the pool or the boathouse – wherever you need a cooking station that can be stored compactly and in the smallest of spaces.

Always amazing

This compact and solid cube is the packed Camp Champ kitchen! Inside, neatly stowed and protected from clutter, it holds a full range of premium quality cooking equipment. The inner part is encased in a protective cage that protects the portable kitchen during demanding tours, firmly connected to the core and, moreover, serves as a seat.

Always ready

The Camp Champ outdoor kitchen is quite insensitive and you do not always need to pack it right after use. Let the noble camping kitchen stand in your camp overnight on the pedestal, just fold in the hinged doors and the side worktops, put the stove on top and cover the whole pile with the rain cover. The next morning you will find coffee pot and cups handy behind the left door.


Awesome: For transport, Camp Champ transforms into a compact cube in no time at all.

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